If you would like to donate to the Midlands Air Ambulance which is the charity we have been supporting for many years. You can do so via two main methods, either in-person via cash in our collection tins or digitally via our Facebook page (explained below):

Facebook Donation

We have decied to make the switch to Facebook donation from JustGiving as Facebook do not take ANY cut from the donations given to a charity (wheras JustGiving do take a % of donations to a charity as well as a fee for using their website!). So we are going with Facebook going forward!

To donate via Facebook, all you need to do is go to facebook.com/SantasGardenRushwick and find the pinned post where you should see a “donate” button (see below)

The pinned post at the top of the Santas Garden Facebook feed

You’ll then be presented with a window where you can put in how much you would like to donate and how you will be donating, you can even select to use gift aid if you are a UK taxpayer! Once filled in click the green Donate button and your donation will go straight to the Midlands Air Ambulance via our fundraiser, that way we will be able to keep track on how much we have raised for them!

An example of the donation window on Facebook